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  1. F

    Palworld Starter Guide

    Palworld Starter Guide By TheTitaniumDragon Your First Base A large part of this game centers around building and improving a base, and later, up to three bases. Your base is defined as an area around a Pal Box – this base area appears as a large blue ring around your Pal Box. You want to...
  2. F

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Defeating Devil's SnareThe Devil's Snare is exactly like the Tentecula, but much easier. Cut off his arms and his head then shoot Incendio at him. This time do not worry about running back and forth. Stay still and he will not hurt you much.
  3. F

    Power Stone 2 (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Power Stone 2 (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] Infinite Health P1 2927B107447A0000 No Health P1 2927B10700000000 Infinite Health P2 B206E8DE447A0000 No Health P2 B206E8DE00000000 Infinite Health P3 65DBB924447A0000 No Health P3 65DBB92400000000 Infinite Health P4 46CACDBE447A0000 No...
  4. F

    Power Stone 2 (PAL)

    [h=3]Power Stone 2 (PAL)[/HEADING] (M) Must Be First 9C5D88F8 Infinite Money 64EC460D 05F5E0FF Have All Materials/Essences A46F4153 E06D9041 C070D043 Have All Text 41A86898 E06D9041 C070D043 Have All Items D9A83B25 E0715041 C070D2C3 Infinite All Items BC7D6C31...
  5. F

    Power Stone 2 (USA)

    [h=3]Power Stone 2 (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Cash 90301D29000000F0 Enable All Items C7EAB038E0715041 C070D2C300000000 Inf. All Items A642064EE0715041 2070504D00000000 Enable All Materials/Essences D059D41FE06D9041 C070D04300000000 Inf. All Materials/Essences BED76D52E06D9041...
  6. F

    Power Stone (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Power Stone (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] P1 Play As Valgas D8B89A0F00000009 Infinite Health P1 F4898F49000000F0 Low Health P1 F48A8F49C070503F F4898F4900000000 50% Health P1 F48A8F49C070503F F4898F4900000078 Infinite Health P2 F3C98F54000000F0 Low Health P2 F3CA8F54C070503F...
  7. F

    Power Stone (USA)

    [h=3]Power Stone (USA)[/HEADING] P1 Play As Final Valgas 5DD76E930000000A P1 Play As Kraken 5DD76E930000000C Infinite Power Up Energy P1 28277AE600000938 No Power Up Energy P1 28277AE600000000 50% Power Up Energy P1 28247AE6C0704F66 28277AE60000049C Infinite Power Up Energy P2...
  8. F

    Power Stone (PAL)

    [h=3]Power Stone (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Time B672634F 00000063 Player 1 Infinite Health CE1BFE5A 000000EE Plyr 1 Can’t Use Pstone Power EC070136 00000000 Player 2 Infinite Health 695B7284 000000EE Plyr 2 Can’t Use Pstone Power 95E81332 00000000 Infinite Time...
  9. C

    Power Stone 2 SAS edition?

    I stumbled across a guy who had a copy of Power Stone 2 with SAS packaging. From what I can see it wasn't released in SAS form. Has to be the wrong case I thought, but the guy insists that the case and inserts are for Power Stone 2. Any thoughts? Actually, now that I look at it looks like a...
  10. C

    Ideal Price For Power Stone 2?

    How much does Power Stone 2 usually cost and what is the ideal price for it? Is it better than the first?
  11. C

    Power Stone Disc Diffrences?

    I was looking at some guys Dreamcast games , I bought some but I saw his Power Stone disc, and it looked diffrent than mine. His was shiny while mine isnt. Does anyone know why?
  12. C

    "Power Stone" vs "Soul Calibur" vs "Marvel vs Capcom"

    I've never played these. I have a choice between one, what should I get? What is the better game and why?
  13. C

    Your experience with Power Stone?

    I don't know why some are oblivious to the fact that this game originated as a Coin-Op arcade release. I guess not many people are Arcade junkies like myself :? Billed as the first game to utilize SEGAs powerful NAOMI board (HotD2 actually came out a few month before so...) Power Stone was...
  14. C

    Japanese vs. NTSC Power Stone Games

    Does anyone know what the differences are, if any, between the Japanese and NTSC versions of Power Stone 1&2. Thanks.
  15. F

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Diffendo Spell Challenge After getting the diffendo spell book look for a gnomes. In the same direction will be a rope that you target with the diffendo spell to lower the bridge. Extra Chocolate Frogs With Voldemort If you have used the three frogs in the battle before Voldemort...
  16. F

    Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    10 lives Press Select, B, A, B, A, B(2), A(2) during game play.
  17. F

    Power Stone 2 Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    100,000 credits for shop mode If during the course of the game you manage to pick up item #103, which resembles a red turban, sell it for 100,000 credits in shop mode. This item seems to appear randomly. Beating the Pharoh Walker Use a character who is very acrobatic (Falcon works best)...
  18. F

    Power Stone Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Alternate costumes Press B at the character selection screen. Beat Final Valgas in a Snap! Here is an easier way to beat the Final Valgas. Just simply go under his armpit (as bad as that sounds...) and keep making small attacks. You should be able to kill him before he does you. Bonus...
  19. F

    Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stone game genie codes (for NES)

    Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stone SZUUPAAX Protection for Bill, Jimmy & Chin GVEPXGGI More energy for Billy & Jimmy GVEOXKZG More energy for Ranzou ZXEPXGGS Less energy for Billy & Jimmy IXEOXKZG Less energy for Ranzou...
  20. F

    Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stone cheat codes (for NES)

    Gladiator boss tip In Mission 4, use Ranzou's "tumble high jump kick" to defeat the gladiator boss.
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