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    Twin sticks...

    I was considering buying Virtual On. And I heard that NEED the twin sticks to actually enjoy. Well I found some japanese version of the sticks. Will they work on the US version dreamcast? I dont want to buy it and then find out I wasted money.
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    Lego Batman 2 review: Sticks to what it knows - but, luckily, what it knows, works

    Open world sequel marries old ideas to new ambition. With the rate Lego tie-ins are churned out, you'd presume they're like most entry-level games - designed with the least effort possible to extract the most amount of pocket money from your children. You'd be wrong. Since 2005's okay-ish Lego...
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    Wii U controller image leak shows proper analogue sticks

    Wii U branding also added. A QA tester for Traveller's Tales, the developers of Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and - if the rumours are true - Lego Lord of the Rings, has leaked an image of a revised version of the Wii U controller. Click here to read the full article More...
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    !Help! A question About Magic Memory Sticks

    Is it possible once i have created a magic memory stick to change it back to normal again?
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    How good are Lexar's Memory Sticks? Or should I build one instead?

    I was considering getting this: But this is the cheapest 32GB Memory Stick I could find, and I was worried that it might have low speeds and/or reliability because of this, the others cost a lot more. I was also...
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    Thumb Sticks

    To install a third part psp thumb sticks on psp 3000, is there any way of avoiding having to open the face plate? Also, for those who have actually used it, is it worth getting? Thanks
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    Largest Capacity Memory Sticks?

    I have 2 Sandisk 4GB Memory Sticks, but both are completely full of Playstation Network games I've been buying up, I'd like to get a new card where I could throw all the games on one card and have room to add lots more. Is 32GB currently the max size for Pro Duo? I've also seen "adapter"...
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    Question on memory sticks

    Heya, I have done a little bit of research on memory sticks for the psp, and i plan on getting the CR-5400 for my psp3000, question is, does this look reliable enough , i plan on gettin 2 for nice 32gb storage space. i know that they aren't sandisc...
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    How are sony sticks these days?

    so looking to upgrade my 4GB sandisk to a 16GB are sony sticks still slow compared to other brands (like sandisk)? and please dont come in here suggesting microsd + adapters / ect... I dont want them
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    Does Walmart sell Fake memory sticks?

    I want to buy a new memory stick for my PSP.
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