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    Server status / server list

    Hello, I want to create a server status for Palworld server . What type of query or protocol should I use? Thank you. ! 👷‍♂️
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    Planetweb Status

    ALL, Below is correspondence that I just had this week with Ken Soohoo, FORMERLY of Planetweb. It was at first only about the fact that the website went down this week. It was this email (below) that Ken informed me of the changing of the wind. Hi Dobbs, Thanks for letting me knowâ?¦ as you...
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    Square Enix Talks Dev Status of FFXIII, Other Projects

    After Famitsu talked with Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura about his company's upcoming DK Sigma 3713 Private Party 2008, the magazine also quizzed the director and character designer about the status of the various projects in which he is involved. Nomura revealed that the development of Final...
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