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    Started a Dreamcast fanclub.

    Dreamcast Fan Club - Home | Facebook Its just one of those facebook things, my wife gave me the idea so I made a facebook and the fan club.
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    Started work on a new part of the site

    So far it's coming along nicely. Made new templates for it. Created a new user group for future Shrine Maintainers. Implemented SSI (server side includes) for it and finished up the "hooks" if you will. As for games, we will make a new folder for them as needed.
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    PSP help PLEASE game could not be started 80020148

    game could not be started 80020148 i have a 5.50gen d3 my PERSONA 3 PORTABLE isnt playing it always show game could not be started 80020148
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    help getting started

    Hey I'm new here and just need someone to post me a link to mod my psp and play backups (I read the rules and I believe that doesn't count as piracy?) The trouble is, googling just comes up with tons of outdated guides so I don't know what to do. I've done wii's, and 360's, so as long as I...
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    The game could not be started

    Dear All, Im new to this forum.I have psp 3000 with firmware 6.39 pro-b6. I have download iso image game and installed in ISO folder.When i click on the game it showed The game could not be started (80020148).Kindly help me to solve this issue.Thanks
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