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    what does HKT stand for?

    All dreamcast hardware has HKT-some number dc is hkt-3020 dev kit is hkt-01 i think the bba is somthing like hkt-400 my question to you is what does hkt stand for?
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    Dreamcast stand

    Hey everyone, I'm new on these forums, never actually owned a Dreamcast as my parents weren't really fan of game consoles back at the time. ;) Anyway, soon I'm going to finally get a Dreamcast as I have very fond memories of the system. The question, actually, is that I when searching for a DC...
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    My friend bought a new Dreamcast stand....

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    New 3DS stand to be bundled with Kid Icarus

    Peripheral revealed by Uprising game director. Kid Icarus Uprising will be bundled with a new Nintendo peripheral in Japan. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Kid Icarus' 3DS stand isn't just for Japan

    Everyone getting a comforting prop for 3DS play, says NOA. It's not uncommon for Japan to see the release of intriguing peripherals that never see light in the West. Kid Icarus Uprising's stand isn't one of them. Click here to read the full article More...
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