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    1 [M] 5YT3-RF5N-FPK84 HXW4-RVE1-NUWCG 2 Tons O' Objective Points XRW6-Z2FC-JWU6D EJF3-BYP9-UC18Q Lv 1. Test Track Lc 3 Objectives Complete YTM3-TKDZ-TT5UH JEC5-9X5V-30YPX Y9AV-3805-NUF9E 04PZ-ZM54-40FP1 4 Infinite Armor 0N0J-8HYQ-X3YP1 J9QJ-2TCQ-MZKTB 5 Infinite Boost...
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    SpyHunter Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All alternate cars Enter "G6155" as a name. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Alternate vehicles will be unlocked at the "Cheats" screen, which can be found at the "System Option" screen. Press L or R to cycle through the vehicles. Cheat Mode Go to the first file and name it BEST...
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