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    SPYxANYA: Operation Memories – Launch Trailer

    SPYxANYA: Operation Memories – Launch Trailer View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcdrhqRxXnQ
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    Warner Bros. uncovers 'Spy Hunter' for 3DS, Vita

    Reboot of the 1983 arcade combat driving game. Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed Spy Hunter for 3DS and PS Vita - a reboot of a combat driving game. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

    Creator: Demonic722 Game Name: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (U) Game ID: B7YE 7EAF1106 Highest (B+Up) 94000130 FFBD0000 B211AEAC 00000000 B00001DC 00000000 00000048 00040000 D2000000 00000000 Max Score (Start) 94000130 FFF70000 0211AEC4 3B9AC9FF D2000000 00000000 Attack...
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    Spy Hunter Cheat Codes (for Colecovision)

    Driving the boat Stay to the right side of the screen during the boat sequences to lessen the amount of attacks and to reach the exit easily. | [Sent by DayleJ] Fork in the road Follow the left path when the road forks to find the oil supply truck. Follow the right side path to find missiles...
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    No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

    Carry the bird At the start of the Diary Of A Double Agent level, you can carry the bird. Shoot the bird with shurikens to get them back. Cheat Codes Press T then enter one of the following codes: Effect-Code All ammunition - ammo All weapons - guns All weapons, ammunition, health...
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    Spy Muppets: License To Croak Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Final Boss Password: LLGGL
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    Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Hint: Easy way to beat the first boss To defeat the first boss use the super jump power up to jump over him when he does his spin attack. Do not let him corner you! Secret Carmen insert Okay, here's how the cheat works. At the end of level 1-3, when you are at the ledge near the goal, fall...
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    I Spy Challenger! Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Advancing through levels While you are in play, press start and go to the "code" entering screen, then enter the code. Code - Result: Left, Left, Left - Level 10 (on easy) Left, Left, Up - Level 10 (on expert) Left, Left, Down - Level 10 (on hard) Left, Left, Right - Level 10 (on...
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    Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Hidden artwork Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find images from the game in the "Presents" folder.
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    Super Spy Hunter Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Super Spy Hunter Typed out by [email protected] Sunsoft(r) for the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) NES-UY-USA Super Spy Hunter(tm) Instruction Manual --- Game Story The year is 2525. The United Nations are the target for a major covert attack by terrorists. Their devious intentions...
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    Spy vs Spy Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Spy vs Spy Typed out by [email protected] Mad(r) Magazine's official Spy vs Spy(r) Instruction Manual Kemco / Seika Under License From FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. --- User's Guide to Mad(r) Magazine's official Spy vs Spy(r) For the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) Mission Objective...
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    Spy Hunter Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Spy Hunter Typed out by [email protected] SUNSOFT for the Nintendo Entertainment System SPY HUNTER Instruction Manual Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the SUNSOFT "Spy Hunter (tm)" game pak. Spy Hunter (tm) is the fastest, craziest espionage thriller to hit the...
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    Super Spy Hunter Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Extra lives When you die at the end of a game you'll go to a continue screen. Aim your gun turrets down (using the A button), and then choose to continue. You'll end up playing the computer in a game of Pong. If you win you'll earn extra lives!
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    Spy VS. Spy Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Get the knife In Level one, if you are the white spy, go to the right and look in the white dresser, first the brown one. You should have the knife.
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    Spy Hunter Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Level 1 tip At the begging when you first start you are on a dirt road. If you drive straight forward on the dirt road you won't crash on anything!
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