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    DecalsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding decal. 1/48: Winner: Win a round of the Season Championship. 2/48: Qualifier: Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship 3/48: Survivor: Complete round six of the Season Championship. 4/48: Made The Podium...
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    Split/Second [ULUS-10513]

    _S ULUS-10513 _G Split/Second _C0 Stop Timer / Always 1st _L 0x202B74F8 0x04C535F8 _C0 Points Score [99999] _L 0x202B7548 0x0001869F _C1 ** STATS & AWARDS MODs** _C0 Rivals Wrecked [999] _L 0x2029F7FC 0x000003E7 _C0 No. of Crashes [0] _L 0x2029F7F8 0x00000000 _C0 Near Misses [999] _L 0x2029F7F4...
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