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    How much have you spent on Dreamcast items?

    I have a pretty sizeable DC collection and I got lots of stuff as gifts or from friends who were getting rid of their DC items... but I was thinking about how much I've actually spent on DC items. I know I spent about $100 total last year. And prior to last year I hadn't spent anything for...
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    How much do you think you've spent on your collection?

    So I've gone through my collection, through eBay/Amazon receipts and tags I never got around to removing (some were literally over 10 years old, now they just have to stay on). On games alone, with about 20% or so unaccounted for (ones I did get the tags off of, or gifts), I've spent $606 on...
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    Study: UK gamers spent average of £334 in 2011

    Nintendo game sales losing out to casual game market, new data claims. Video game lovers in the UK spent an average of £334 last year, according the results of a survey conducted by specialist online retailer ShopTo. Click here to read the full article More...
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