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    looking for a specific segagaga screen

    hey guys I am trying to find that segagaga screenshot where the sega ceo is seen behind his desk with his head slumped and piles of dreamcasts behind him was trying to explain the game to a friend but i cannot find this screen iv seen it on so many sites but cant seem to find it could someone...
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    Dreamcast RGB region specific?

    A wee question... Is the RGB cable specific to region? i.e. a PAL RGB cable only works for PAL machines... And before anyone says "GET A VGA CABLE!" I have one, just doesn't work in my bedroom tv :D I have seen a few RGB cables for sale that state specified region of use... Cheers! Oh...
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    Do ISO's need to be in a specific folder on the SD card?

    Dreamshell loads perfectly and I can navigate just fine... I can see the ISO's in the File Manager but the ISO loader doesn't see them... do they need to be in a specific folder? If so, which one? Thank you, Roger
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