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    Soul Covenant - Developer Diary

    Soul Covenant - Developer Diary
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    Fractured Soul: Deep Void

    General Gameplay Tips By beating the par times usually involves holding down the walk button constantly, so keep this in mind when approaching an enemy or obstacle. If you're finding a certain part tricky to navigate, try saying what you're doing out loud. It certainly helps parse the action.
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    Soul Calibur V BLUS30736 01.03

    Credit:Randy97Killa Code: 1P Infinite Health 0 00B72298 2C060000 0 00B7229C 4082000C 0 00B722A0 C0292690 0 00B722A4 D029268C 0 00B722A8 EC21F824 0 00B722AC 4E800020 0 0016A1B8 48A080E1 # Kills CPU Anytimes (D-Pad Down + X) 0 00B72264 2C030007 0 00B72268 40820020 0 00B7226C 3DC000DD 0 00B72270...
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    Soul Calibur IV BLES00296 01.03

    Credit:Randy97Killa Code: 1P Infinite Health 0 009C2820 3DE000D4 0 009C2824 61EF5120 0 009C2828 7C0F1840 0 009C282C 4082000C 0 009C2830 C1A90030 0 009C2834 D1A9002C 0 009C2838 EC0C682A 0 009C283C 4E800020 0 00111B00 488B0D21 # Button Enable Codes [Must Be On] 0 009C2720 2C1A0000 0 009C2724...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul - Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices. These codes are for the U.S. version of the game. Master Code – Must Be On 7d970934...
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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul (USA)

    [h=3]Omikron: The Nomad Soul (USA)[/HEADING] Inf/Max Energy 6BB86D4AC0705061 599F6E00000000C8 Max Setek 6BB86D4AC0705061 59A76E000000FFFF Inf. Magic Rings 6BB86D4AC0705061 847B9457000000FF Max Attack 6BB86D4AC0705061 BE3623DA000000C8 Max Fight Exp 6BB86D4AC0705061 FF818FD1000000C8 Max...
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    Omikron: the Nomad Soul (PAL)

    [h=3]Omikron: the Nomad Soul (PAL)[/HEADING] Have Infinite Rings 847B9457 000000C8 Have Infinite Seteks 59A76E00 0000270F Energy Stats At 200 599F6E00 000000C8 Fight Xp Set High 2FD77A12 000000C8 Dodge Stats At 200 CEFBFEAF 000000C8 Body Resistance Stats At 200...
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    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (USA)

    [h=3]Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (USA)[/HEADING] All Emblems 296F600800000005 47FA1C8400000005 Infinite Glyph Power DB9880B900000034 Maximum Stamina 3A21272100000004 All Glyphs 7C3DD064000003FF Start W/ All Abilities 4BF91CAFC0705041 4BFA1CAF0000FFBF
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    Soul Fighter (USA)

    [h=3]Soul Fighter (USA)[/HEADING] 99 Souls Saved 6F7B6EFB00000063 Infinite Health 7655D6B800000064 Infinite Weapon Power 43221A73000000A0 Max Power 7655D6B800000090 Infinite Throwing Knives 76E596B800000009 Infinite Crossbow Arrows 912C4F4D00000009 Infinite Throwing Axes...
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    Soul Fighter (PAL)

    [h=3]Soul Fighter (PAL)[/HEADING] Saved 99 Souls 6EFB6EF9 00000063 Infinite Time E7971D23 000000FF Infinite Health 59D772EF 00000064 No Time Limit For Weapon 42A21A71 0000009F Special Power Bar Always Full 840B88B8 00000090 Saved 99 Souls 6EFB6EF9 00000063...
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    Soul Reaver (PAL)

    [h=3]Soul Reaver (PAL)[/HEADING] Have All Abilities 4BFA1CAF 0000FFBF Have All Emblems 296F6008 00000005 47FA1C84 00000005 Have All Glyphs 7C3DD064 000003FF Have Maximum Power Bar 3A212721 00000004 Infinite Magic DB9880B9 00000034 Have All Abilities 4BFA1CAF...
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    Soul Calibur (PAL)

    [h=3]Soul Calibur (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Health Player 2 1D7C1BB6 0000436F Hit K.o Player 1 3329294E 00000000 Hit K.o Player 2 1D7C1BB6 00000000 Have Infinite Points In Battle Mode 499A12B6 0000270F Enable Hwang 6E3363D6 00000001 Enable Yoshimitsu BC9E321A 00000001...
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    Soul Calibur (USA)

    [h=3]Soul Calibur (USA)[/HEADING] Mission- P1 Invisible Weapon E88717F500000001 B81635EC00000020 Mission- P1 Untouchable E88717F500000001 B81635EC00000014 Mission- P1 Life Up E88717F500000001 B81635EC00000005 Mission- P1 Invisible E88717F500000001 B81635EC0000000D Mission- P2 Untouchable...
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    November Game Contest - Soul Caliber

    The game for November will be Soul Caliber. We will be playing in normal survival mode. Post your scores. The rules are: Post your highest score, preferably with a picture Deadline to post your scores is the last day of November at 12AM No Cheating, of course Please don't post your high...
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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul - DCRES tester request

    Copýing/Pasting the message I've just posted in snesorama:
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    GameStation may own your soul!

    just as the subject says, GameStation might own your soul? they put an "immortal soul clause" in their online purchase terms of sale. :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :x :cry: 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls | Fox News
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    Soul Reaver still a great game

    So I decided to pop it in again after trying Nightmare Creatures 2 last night, just to check how it looked in VGA. I just wanted to see how this oldie held up. I just played it for 2 hours straight & am totally drawn in again. I played this when it came out & remember liking it a lot, can't...
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    Soul Reaver 2 on DC ?

    A few years ago, on a Dreamcast based forum, I was chatting to this girl who was a real hardcore Dreamcast fan. We chatted about all things DC related, everything from Crazy Taxi to Chicken Run. But one part of the conversation sticks in my mind and that is her total and unswerving belief...
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    Soul Calibur Strategy Guide (DCM Magazine Winter '99)

    I thought I'd share this strategy guide with those who are interested. Don't think there was anything touching this in UK Dreamcast Magazines. (change sort option to "Sort By Name") PS Sorry for the scribbling on this guide. I remember there being a few inaccuracies.
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    "Power Stone" vs "Soul Calibur" vs "Marvel vs Capcom"

    I've never played these. I have a choice between one, what should I get? What is the better game and why?
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