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    Sonic Adventure 2 – Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Sonic Adventure 2 on SEGA Dreamcast. Master Code – Must Be On DBD307409C684CF8 Master Code – Must Be On 65A0EE4D9C684CF8 Stop Time E2071FD000000009
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    Sonic Adventure – Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Sonic Adventure on SEGA Dreamcast. Version 1.0 Codes 999 Rings D3D8989A000003E7 Infinite Lives 86D3964500000009 Enable Tails + Knuckles 274F7B2C00000101 Enable Amy + E-102 “Y” 49DA07A000000101 Enable Big...
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    Sonic Adventure – Action Replay Codes [JP]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Sonic Adventure on SEGA Dreamcast. 999 Rings 59A76C35000003E7 Infinite Lives 2FD77827000003E7
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    Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition

    OK so I was browsin' the Goodwill today and came across: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (DC) And Sonic Adventure Limited Edition. SA:LE had it's original case but no manual and the case was cracked. The GD was is OK condition but only OK. Bought it, on a whim for 2 dollars along with THPS2 for 2...
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    Sonic Adventure International Covers Help

    Ok, my questions are: 1. What did the NTSC-U and PAL covers look like (I found the NTSC-J)? 2. Does anyone have these so an image can be uploaded here? NOTE: I did check dcisozone, DC cover zone, The Cover Project, Segagaga,, luck. I did find Sonic Adventure Limited...
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    Sonic Adventure XBLA

    Old news, but yeah. September 15th. Would anybody like it if I did a side-by side comparison of this and the Dreamcast and/or PC version?
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    Sonic Adventure 2- 10th Anaversary Birthday Pack

    How much would you value a used copy of this item in excellent condition? I'm trying to buy one, and I'm trying to figure what to offer. Thanks :)
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    Soinc Colors>Sonic Adventure

    Today, I played Sonic Adventure on my Dreamcast for the first time in a while. After I played a few stages, I then started playing Sonic Colors on my Wii. Let me tell you, I really hate to say this, but I thought Sonic Colors was the better game of the two. Sonic Colors, In my opinion, was...
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    Wanna play Sonic Adventure.

    Hi there, first time posting. So I've been trying to download a Dreamcast emu to play Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, but it seems a bit tricky to manage all these programs, whereas I've no problem when handling Sega CD games on Kega Fusion. Few days ago, I downloaded a cheesy Sonic...
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    Finally, I'm playing Sonic Adventure 2.

    Guys, the emu I downloaded first time didn't work, it was the 1.0.3 one, but I've replaced it by this one, 1.0.6 beta, and it works perfectly. I've been playing SoulCalibur and Sonic Adventure 2 this eve. So, this is the link I downloaded from: Nulldc 1.0.6 beta by Shadow 4300 This one...
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    Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Worth It ?

    Hello all just a quick thread I found Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 from a local game shop for $16 dollars each. Now I think that's a good deal but the games don't have the original cases or the cover art and manual. So is it still worth it?
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    Sonic Adventure 2 HD for XBLA leaked on

    Sonic Adventure 2 spotted on SA2 has a reported PSN version unconfirmed as well. There should be more DC HD DLC revamps confirmed soon for XBLA and PSN.
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    Online capabilities in Sonic Adventure 2.

    Hello, I am wanting to know if the online capabilities still work for Sonic Adventure 2? I'm wanting to go to the black market to buy items for my Chaos, but that requires online connection.
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    Quick Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 question.

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if you can transfer your chaos from Sonic Adventure 1 to Sonic Adventure 2? please let me know, thanks!
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    Sonic Adventure Chao's won't save?

    On Sonic Adventure all of my data saves, but my chao's don't. Anyone know why?
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    Sega screwed up in the Sonic Adventure Manual.

    Sega made a typo in the Sonic Adventure manual! It screwed me up because I deleted some of my files to clear space for my chao garden, in the manual It says you need 128 blocks to save chao memory. However, you only need 28 blocks!!! I can't believe I deleted my Record Of Lodoss War file -.-...
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    Really wierd Sonic Adventure 2 glitch.

    So I was playing Sonic Adventure 2, I then transported my silver chao from SA1 to SA2. Everything was fine. I went to the kinder garden, and it was normal colour! I reset the game and it wasn't even there anymore, odd.
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    Sonic Adventure Video Series

    These files altogether are the pilot episode of my Sonic Adventure video series. Keep in mind that I do not have anything like a game recorder, so I had to rely on a HUE HD Camera for this (shots of the TV look horrible). The files are in .mov format, and they will not play on Windows Media...
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    Sonic Adventure Desktop Backgrounds

    Because I was curious, I put my SA1 Dreamcast disc into my 13 year-old PC. And when I browsed through the "EXTRA" folder, I was greeted with desktop backgrounds featuring various Sonic Adventure characters (including the cute little Chao!) The images will be at the very bottom of this post. But...
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    Sonic Adventure Voice Clips: How To Find Them

    Hello, person. Say, you look like a person that likes those nifty voice actors from SA1 so much that you want uninterrupted sound clips of them without ripping them from the disc. Well my friend, you have come to the right place. This topic will kind of be a guide on how to find soundbites from...
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