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    Solomon's Key Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Solomon's Key Typed out by Gabriel NES-KE-USA TECMO(tm) Solomon's Key(tm) Instructions P.2 Thank you for selecting the fun-filled "SOLOMON'S KEY" game pak by TECMO, INC. ------------------SAFETY PRECAUTIONS------------------ Please take the time to read the important instructions in this...
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    Solomons Key Cheat Codes (for NES)

    1-ups In the top-right corner of the top-right chamber of Room 3, there is a 1-Up. To make it appear, you must make and destroy a block in the corner. In the center chamber, shoot the two dragons with a fireball when they are passing each other. You may get a scroll or even a life (or two if...
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    Solomon's Key game genie codes (for NES)

    XTKKKEXK Infinite lives GZOXLAAX Indestructible fireball AAXZIALZ Continuous fairies KAXOOEVE Start with 40,000 life points GZUPTOSE Start on last level reached VTUPTOSE Start on next level SZUOPOSE + UPUOLPGA + PAUPIPAE Start on level 10 SZUOPOSE...
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