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    America's Army: True Soldiers

    America's Army: True Soldiers Cheats and Secrets - Xbox 360 [h=3]Cheats, Codes, and Secrets[/HEADING] There are currently no known working cheat codes for America's Army: True Soldiers on the Xbox 360 video game console. If you know of a working code, hint or tip please send it in and I...
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    Time Soldiers

    Continue At the Game Over screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Button 2 to continue. You may do this three times.
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    Soldiers Of Fortune Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords Navvie and CPU Scientist world 2- lq1lx2#81q59 world 3- c48ylcvlmogm world 4- crr56f82gn5k Mercenary and CPU Navvie world 2- zbvbhsqpt73q world 3- gqzhhmw1#70h world 4- 40r52p7fzp1c Gentleman and CPU Navvie world 2- q3bk7pyns794 world 3- lv6w7qkonyb5 world 4- rw#75#fj40th...
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    Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune [RKYE20]

    Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune [RKYE20] Infinite HP & Ammo 077EE064 00000030 809F01E8 816400AC 2C0B0007 40820020 3D6042C8 91640044 916400B0 916400B4 916400B8 916400BC 916400C8 4AB42AE8 04330B74 494BD4F0 Sprint x2 077EE014 00000010 3D604020 91650048 C0850048 4AA02288 041F02A4 495FDD70...
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    Soldiers of Fortune game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Super NES Game Genie codes - Soldiers of Fortune DCE0-87AD Smaller food power-ups heal twice as much F0E0-87AD Smaller food power-ups heal four times as much F3E9-8FDD Large food power-ups heal twice as much 7AE9-8FDD Large food...
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