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    CS:GO Gun Skin Sold For Over $61,000

    The "Skin Economy" is absolutely wild, and the latest big purchase - a Dragon Lore skin with "Skadoodle" written on it - has turned heads. Source article CS:GO fan drops $61K on rifle skin signed by tournament MVP - Polygon
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    Black USA Sega Dreamcast with extras for $ale. I sold ASCII

    Sega Dreamcast Sport Black Console NTSC with cords vmu controller games | eBay * NOTE : I SOLD ASCII PAD BELOW LAST WEEK, NOT A PART OF ABOVE AUCTION. The box (even has 99% of the shrink wrap on it still) and the pad is mint. I still have the box for it and everything, I only used it 20...
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    Have you ever sold your DC due to financial hardship?

    Although I never have, I've bought a few DC's from pawn shops for next to nothing. Considering the shop's buy rates must have been very low, I guess the original owners were either happy just to get rid of them or desperately needed the money. So has anyone here sold their DC for the latter...
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    shouldnt have sold my dreamcast

    im poor now but at one point i had a pretty massive gaming setup. dreamcast with bba and vga and psov2 and jumppack and capture card for youtube. sadly i went through one of my devaluation stages. same with my job oh lawd. i will one day get that setup back. that is all. never sell your shit...
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    Games That Are Still Being Sold In Some Form

    As you guys probably know, I have no problem with burning discs. Our community thrives on it. But a lot of people do still have a problem with it. So, I get a bit antsy about being discovered, and my defense isn't exactly ironclad. Therefore, I think we should put together something to where we...
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    3DS hardware to be sold at a profit by September

    Nintendo expects 18.5 million 3DS sales this business year. Nintendo is to begin making money on each 3DS unit sold by the end of September 2012. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Sold my PSPgo - how do I remove all personal data?

    e.g. any dowloaded games and psp network information?
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