Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, originally released in Japan as Soratorobo -Sore Kara Kōda e- (ソラトロボ -それからCODAへ-, lit. Solatorobo: And Then, to CODA, with "Solatorobo" being Japanese for "Sky and Robot") is an action role-playing video game developed by CyberConnect2 for the Nintendo DS. Originally released in Japan by Bandai Namco Games in October 2010, an English version was released by Nintendo for Europe in July 2011 and Australia the following November, with a North American release in September by Xseed Games. It is the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto, and, like its predecessor, features artwork and character designs by manga artist Nobuteru Yūki and music by Chikayo Fukuda. The game includes animated cutscenes produced by Madhouse, as well as vocal themes performed by Tomoyo Mitani.
Set in a steampunk fantasy world of floating sky islands populated by anthropomorphic dogs and cats dubbed "Caninu" and "Felineko" respectively (lit. "イヌヒト" and "ネコヒト" / "dog people" and "cat people"), the game focuses on a canine freelance adventurer named Red Savarin who pilots a flying mecha. On a seemingly ordinary task to fetch a stolen file, he encounters a mysterious young Felineko named Elh, and becomes involved in a series of events that reveal the hidden truth of the origin of his world and those who live in it.

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