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    what software does it take to make sega dreamcast games

    just curious about the steps of making a sega dreamcast game with the software that most company used durning the dreamcast years. what i can understand from one guy who talk too from the sgc 2013 when making games. you can used any software that is available to you as long you got the mapping...
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    4x4 Evolution Chat Server Software

    NOTE: I did not modify/create this all credit goes to Sponji, I do not know enough about this to provide any direct support!!! While I did not want to end up releasing this publicly, the dreamcast-talk, and the three servers we ran are down as well. According to the readme left by our coder...
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    NPD: The Last of US tops US physical software sales

    Naughty Dogs' PS3 exclusive beats out Animal Crossing, Minecraft. PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us was the top-selling game at physical retail in US in June. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Surface tablet slump costs Microsoft $900m New Borderlands 2 DLC 'to be...
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    Freezing issue, - not software related.

    Alright so I've been to the help section and was told that it looks like its not a software issue and that I should try here. I was told 1god1king could help me out. So the issue is that at random times, my psp will freeze, and then shut down 10 seconds later. Through over 12 hours of trial...
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    PSP 1001 with system software 2.00

    Is it possible to mod my PSP without the use of a Pandora or magic memory? I want a permanent mod. I am new here, don't know what my current options are. I know I would like to download my games to the memory card, also be able to play emulators of all my old favorites. I don't know much else...
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    LCFW 6.39 ME-9.1 : Cheat software

    Hello i want to know if there is some kind of software i can install with LCFW 6.39 ME-9.1 to allow me to cheat on some PSX game i don't want to brick my psp and im highly satisfied with LCFW 6.39 ME-9.1 i just want to know if its possible to use TempAR or something similar without bricking...
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    Version 6.2 Software

    My PSP is running Official 6.2 What's required to install CFW on version 6.2 or Hack
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    psp 3004 pb software ver 6.35 how to play .iso games

    Friends, i just purchase a psp 3004 pb ver 6.35 but i don''t know how to install a .iso games. please help me. thanks in advance
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    PSP 3000 with Software v6.39

    Hey, I have a lovely psp 3000 with system software version 6.39 I am wondering what options I have for firmware mods and what they will let me do, i.e play ISOS is my main goal. Please help! Thanks,
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