Snap music (also known as ringtone rap or snap rap) is a subgenre of hip hop music derived from crunk that originated in southern United States in the 2000s, in Bankhead, West Atlanta, United States. It achieved mainstream popularity throughout the mid-late 2000s, but declined shortly thereafter. Popular snap artists include D4L, Dem Franchize Boys and K-Rab.
Tracks commonly consist of an 808 bass drum, hi-hat, bass, snapping, a main groove and a vocal track. Snap songs may also incorporate whistling. Hit snap songs include "Lean wit It, Rock wit It" by Dem Franchize Boys, "Snap Yo Fingers" by Lil Jon, "Laffy Taffy" by D4L, "It's Goin' Down" by Yung Joc and "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and voted one of "The 15 Best Snap Music Songs of All-Time" is "Look at Her" by One Chance.Crunk has been called the "predecessor of snap". Hip Hop DX magazine described snap music as a "laid back version of its forbearer [sic], crunk music".

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