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    Sneaky Snakes

    [h=3]Sneaky Snakes[/HEADING] Typed out by Marla Moore Story ===== Sneaky Snakes is the spine tingling tale of two rip-roaring reptiles, Atilla & Genghis. When Sonia Snake is nabbed by the Nasty Nibbler, it's more than they can swallow. So, Atilla and Genghis must slither about to...
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    Snake's Revenge Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Snake's Revenge Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- SNAKE'S REVENGE (Ultra Games) How to play PAGE 2 ------ Ultra Software Corporation Limited Warranty (not written) (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality) This official...
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    Snakes Revenge: Metal Gear 2 Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Fill up on items Go into a door, then go back out, and back in again. And repeat the sequence until you can't get anymore. Use this to fill up on Ammo, Rations, etc.
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