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    DC Getting Slow

    Most times, when I turn the unit on, it boots normally. Every nth time I restart to put in a new game, the sound and "@" sound and draw at half-speed, and then the game starts at half speed as well. This seems to happen a lot more than when I first got the console... What's happening? Thanks.
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    Slow Movie Play on PSP

    My Psp is 3004 6.20 TN-C and the problem is that any movie being played by the game is slow. I mean like Opening Theme of Dissidia Can someone Help me? [Off-Topic] & BTW whats the difference of Untouched/Un patched Games to Patched games?
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    Slow running PSP-ISO.

    Hey guys, I'm currently running 5.50 GEN-D3. My psp came with a few ISO's on disc, and when I run them, they're really slow. I'm running my ISO/UMD at 333, yet they still lag. GoW is a major one, cutscenes and often during gameplay I experience a lot of lag. Is there an Emulator or something...
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    PSPGo PSPDisp slow fps

    So I have PSPDisp on my PSP Go 6.39 Pro-B9 CFW and, when I use the USB option, it works perfectly. No lag at all! I get 57-60 FPS everytime I use the USB option. However....I've looked at people on youtube videos who do not use the USB option, instead they use the WLAN option. And from the...
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    New 8gb Lexar MS seems slow?

    I just got it, and it seems ALOT slower than my 2gb card, is it just because of the size or is it a crap card. I bought it from walmart lol and it seemed the most legit. Box looked somewhat professional and said it was fast haha.
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    Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo MagicGate 4gb is SLOW

    Last year I sold my psp, but few days ago I got a new one and want to use my old memory stick 4gb. So far, so good. But when I connect the stick via card reader or the psp and start copy something on it (demos, videos or music) its really slow. It takes around 25 mins to copy 2.36gb. My windows7...
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    My gta vcs is slow on psp 1001 5.00m33-6

    When i was playing gta vcs something slow and sometimes stuck and psp restarts But i dont have stuck with Tekken 6 and Assasins Creed Bloodlines pls what is the problem I have psp 1001 CFW 5.00m33-6 with Prometheus 3
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    PES 11 running slow?

    Hey all i have PSP 1004 Phat and i am big fan of PES series.I have 5.50 gen and 1st i tried pes11 cso file then i heard they are slower and found full iso file but again PES is running slow when there are many players on screen.Could i fix this anyhow please i really wanna play this game so...
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    Bionic Commando, Boom Blox 2 start slow

    GRIN-developed reboot sells 27,000, Bash Party 23,000 copies in US during May; Terminator Salvation saves only 43,000. It's a good thing that Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV are performing well, because Capcom isn't likely to see much of a return on its investment in bringing back the...
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