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    psp slim joystick, is there a better one?

    Haven't made any progress searching. I don't like the default joystick on the slim, it slips from my thumb too easy, and just doesn't feel right. Oddly it doesn't even come up as high as the d-pad. For fats you could pull it off and put on a new nub but not slims I guess. Is there any way...
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    Cheapest place to find a replacement LCD for a Slim?

    The Best I've found was about $40 with free shipping for a refurb on Deal Extreme...anyone know of a better place? It sucks because the 1000 & 3000 screens are like $20 but the 2000 is $40-50!
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    Slim OFW 6.37 help

    I recently became an owner of a PSP Slim 2003 after losing my beloved modded 1000. :( As for the slim, its a 2003 model, date code 8A and its serial HB05xxxx (bought after looking up the date code if it was hackable) but its previous owner had no knowledge of CFW and just stuck OFW 6.37 on it...
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    PSP 2000 SLIM OFW 6.37How to hack?

    Hi, I have a PSP 2000 SLIM...don't know the "out of box" firmware and i updated to 6.37 Official Firmware, now i want to hack it but don't know how to do it. I have tried "pspident" but it doesn't run. All ISO/CSO games including Aloader,Decrypter apps don't run.what to do.
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    PSP 2003 Slim 7D data code version 6.20 downgrade?

    Hi all, how do i downgrade my psp its the slim 2003 (it says psp 2003 on the bottom bar code at the end of the psp), and behind the battery it says date code 7D, i accidently upgraded it to version 6.20 how do i downgrade it, it was chipped before but i cant remember where i got it chipped...
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    latest slim CFW?

    Hey guys, what would you recommend for the latest STABLE custom firmware, no beta for the 2000? Thanks.
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    Hacking a psp slim 2006

    Hello, my little brother has a psp slim 2006 that my father bought 4 years ago. When he bought it, it was already hacked by the seller. Nowadays, he was doing something with his friend and now the psp is not reading the isos in the MS and its running only original games. I saw the version of...
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    Psp-2003 Slim with a 6.20 version hack

    Hey. I have a psp-2003 with a 6.20 firmware and a 7D data code. Can I hack it and how? Thanks! :)
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    Slim PSP 2004 Black Screen Problem

    Hello, My brother have a Slim Psp 2004 that is having a problem. The PSP turns the power led on, but doesnt show any image. And when i try to turn it off...nothing happens. I have to remove the battery to shutdown the PSP. My brother says that after many tries turning the PSP On, sometimes it...
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    What is the best custom firmware for PSP Slim?

    I haven't been up to date with all the different custom firmwares. =( So I would like to know what is the best custom firmware? I have a PSP Slim. I am running on 5.50 Prome 4.
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    psp slim 5.0 m33-6

    my firmware was 5.0 m33-6.i wondered why i cant play says that "the game cannot be started". somebody can help me what to do?
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    How to install 6.38 ME 2 for PSP Slim?

    I read the instructions, but I think I messed up. I first installed the 6.38 ofw but then when I tried to installed the 6.38 ME 2 it wouldnt start. Help?
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    Psp slim

    Can you possibly unbrick a psp 3000?
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    FIFA 10 for PSP Slim n Lite 2004

    Hi I have a PSP Slim and lite model 2004. I am able to play all games on my PSP memory stick, including the FIFA 09 However I cant play the FIFA 10 as I try and load the game - its shows an error - some number Could you please tell me how I could go around this problem. Also could you please...
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    FIFA 11 for PSP Slim n Lite 2004

    Hi I have a PSP Slim n Lite 2004 and running the software version 5.50 gen-D2 I would be grateful for advise on how to upgrade the version to the latest, would appreciate easy step by step video guide if possible Also I am not able to run the FIFA 11 which I assume is due to my older software...
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    psp 3004 slim with 5.70

    hello fellas, i use my psp with 5.70, is there any way do downgrade or upgrade? and then to hack? so long!!
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    Determine if PSP slim has TA-088v3?

    Hi all, I have psp slim that I hack using the pandora battery. I install the Custom FirmWare : 5.50 GEN-D (Full) ----------------------- Now I want to know if my psp has the TA-088v3 motherboard. Is there a way to know?? thank you for you help
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    PSP slim hardware mods help

    I was looking on the internet and found a lot of hardware mods that I want to try but all of the tutorials I found were for a Phat PSP I want to put an extra 40mm speaker in the UMD door to boost the volume and remove the UMD drive at the same time I also want to boost the signal strength for my...
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    FUSA kai 6xx not working on my psp slim!!!

    I dont really know whats happening. I succesfully installed the FUSA kai (Because my psp is running CFW 6.39 PRO B7) on my starwars edition psp 2001 but when I connected it to my tv I selected gran turismo, then the screen turned black like it should but it the games dont load then when I press...
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