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    PS Vita's good start heralds slim pickings for the console haters

    Ever considered that the rise of mobile phone games might be due to the recent -- soon to be rectified -- lack of new consoles?. Even if mobile phones, let alone the App Store and Android, hadn't yet been invented, it would be surprising if, at this moment in time, sales of console games weren't...
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    PSP 2001 Slim - Battery Issue

    I'm trying to go through other threads regarding having a battery issue, and some of what I read sounds like the problem I'm having, but everything else sounds somewhat convoluted to me... I recently recieved a PSP Slim 2001 running Prome 5.03 and without warning (while plugged up via USB), it...
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    Help installing cfw on slim 2003

    Hi, Been off the psp scene for a little while.....(been concentrating on ps3 lately) Just a little pointer please. I'm wanting to install cfw on my friend psp for him. He's currently running a slim 2003 model with 3.90ofw. My psp is a phat 1003 on 5.50 Prometheus 3 I already have Pandora...
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    Bricked PSP 2000 slim still can't work

    I am getting really bored after my psp 2000 slim got bricked for over six months now.I've tried everything possible but it is still totally bricked...i was using a pandora battery before i made it normal again.Immediately i insert the battery, the green light keeps showing and doesn't off.I hold...
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    i want to play iso game in psp ofw version 6.37 slim 2000

    i want to play iso game. in the first times my psp can play iso game like god of war. after i update psp version in network psp (wireless) then rebort psp system/ so i cannot see game. why?
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    PSP Slim w/6.35 question

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum, but I got lost in the threads. I was wondering if there is a way to install an emulator to play psx games on it like chrono cross. If there's a thread already discussing this could anyone throw me a link on how to do it. Thanks a lot.
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    PSP slim with 6.31 OFW

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have a 3 year old slim that is rarely played these days. Part of it is because some of my UMDs are cracked and that my favorite PSX games are not on the PSN store despite sony's promises. I heard about CFW before from my friends and stuff, but never...
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    PSP Slim 3001 OFW 6.37 HELP!!!!!

    Ok, I have a Psp 3001 slim wit 6.37 OFW and i want to hack and my friend hacked his 2000 and i want to hack there anything i can do so that i can install custom firmware onto it???? Please help thx
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    Is there a remotejoy for psp slim 6.37?

    Hey, I have a psp slim (3000) 6.37. Is there a remotejoy for that? Ore somthing else to record your psp gameplay. If yes give me link to download and how to instal Grtz
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    Problem on 2004 slim 5.50 D3

    Ok, here we go. I have problem with mine psp 2004 slim, witch one is hacked and runing cfw 5.50 GEN D3. When i start games from mine ms, screen is frozen (white psp scene when you load games), and it won't to load games (you can w8 full day still nothing). It is strange, because sometimes he...
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    Command Button Malfunction, PSP Slim

    Guys, I'm new here and I badly need your help. Two days ago, I was playing with my PSP slim. Suddenly, command buttons (square, triangle, x and circle) buttons don't work. I tried hard resetting and removing the battery, and still the buttons didn't work on the XMB. I also tried running the PSP...
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    FUSA kai 6xx not working on my psp slim!!!

    I dont really know whats happening. I succesfully installed the FUSA kai (Because my psp is running CFW 6.39 PRO B7) on my starwars edition psp 2001 but when I connected it to my tv I selected gran turismo, then the screen turned black like it should but it the games dont load then when I press...
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    PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM?

    so i was wondering which product i should buy. The PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM? I have the God of War Bundle pack so its a psp 2001 (which i think is slim?) i was at a forum (lost the page/bookmark) the admin told me he bought the PSP Battery Service Tool and said i...
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    Slim Case from DX

    Does anyone have this slim case from dx? it looks like it would add a layer of good protection without adding too much bulk... just curious on if anyone can comment on it. thanks.
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    What's the difference between batteries for Slim and Fat?

    What's the difference between batteries for Slim and Fat? Is it just software or hardware? As far as I know there is an EEPROM chip in it. If I replace EERPOM content in slim's battery with data from fat's battery, will it work on PSP fat?
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    slim repair tuts?

    my Slim's UMD drive and screen both shat, so my friend's giving me his broken Slim, but his case is bent up, so I'm going to be doing massive renovations. I'm going to take his UMD drive, and screen, and put them in my PSP, but I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to this kind of thing, so...
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    Are there any flat/matte/satin psp slim faceplates or full housings?

    I'm trying to find either a flat, matte, or satin full housing for the psp slim, but so far I haven't seen anything. Does anyone know of any that are any good, preferably white or black?
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    Need some help with psp slim buttons

    Er um i just installed the psp faceplate i bought the clear one and it looks really awesome the only thing is my buttons are hella loose the up down left and right buttons are all loose all the screws are in tight but i think i know what the problem is, its slipping off the little rubber thing...
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    psp slim battery 1200, 2400 and 3600 mah??

    id like to know which one should i buy? a want to know do they really increase using time? or should i buy original 1200mah? and all prices on ebay are 10$-15$! isnt that too cheap per a new psp battery?
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    absolute longest battery for slim?

    I have a 2600 mah and it only lasts three hours of gaming. thanks
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