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    Dreamcast Skype Chat!!!!!

    Hi all, Coolinator here, Just wanted to know your thoughts on having a DC-Talk Skype chat! I'm down to meet up for a chat down with you dudes on the interwebs. You're all chill in my book. :geek:
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    Dreamcast Skype Group Chat

    We all should get on Skype and have a chat. Add Me; Barrys_Bapz
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    Skype group for PSO

    I shared this idea with FaithY, he was allso positive to it! It would be cool to have a PSO-Skype group, specially on the PSO-Live sessions! Anyone else thinks this is a good Idea? I think we could have some good laughs:D what do you guys think?
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    Skype mic

    is there any way to use like my computer mic instead of buying the skype mic
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    Existing Skype hacks?

    Are there any hacks for manipulating skype, like actually being able to play a game while talking or something as simple as automatically picking up a call without having to press X?
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