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    Dreamcast vinyl skins?

    Sega Dreamcast Skins Vinyl popular designs Apparently you can buy vinyl skins for your dreamcast console or controller. I think I saw some of these on consoles on ebay recently. I was wondering where some of these weird things like the granite dreamcast were coming from.
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    Dreamcast Vinyl skins

    So last week, I picked up a dreamcast, couple controllers, and a stack of burned games for $30 at a garage sale. Everything worked fine except the system, controllers, and everything else plastic was yellowing and coated in a thick layer of dirt and crap. It looked like someone had intentionally...
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    Adhesive skins

    I'm new to the forums so I thought I'd start off by posting something useful. I searched the forums and couldn't find any other posts or threads about this so here goes. I know there are a lot of adhesive skins available to put on your PSP and other electronic items out there. I cannot stand...
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