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    Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!

    How to raise your amount of formees fast To raise your number of formees you don't need to have any hearts. All you need to do is go on the internet and go to formee qr codes and scan it with the formee qr code scanner. It's that simple. I've done this before and there are hundreds of codes to...
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    A few simple mods

    Hey guys, Finished a few hardware mods. I think it came out great, figured i'd share here Before SD card addon board Installed and attached interface board Reassembled. I ended up burning off the contact point for the black wire of the access led. Which sucks but its a minor...
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    simple mods

    im 13 and a big fan of the DC and have just starting importing and any know of any mods for my DC that even i can do. :)
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    [WiiWare] Simple Series Vol.1 The Block Kuzushi neo [WDIJ]

    WDIJ Simple Series Vol.1 The Block Kuzushi neo If Score Increase, MAX 0401ACF0 90030004 04055380 60000000 04055394 60000000 Infinite Lives 0401B6A8 90830008 040553A0 98050002 Time Stop 0401BB94 D023000C 0405539C 60000000 Infinite Item 0401B15C 60000000 040553A4 60000000 Item Code 041C322B...
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    [WiiWare] Simple Series Vol.2 The Number Puzzle neo [WD2J]

    WD2J Simple Series Vol.2 The Number Puzzle neo No Limit 04027260 60000000 04027578 60000000 0409A9EC 60000000
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    [WiiWare] Simple Series Vol.3 The Mahjong [WZMJ]

    WZMJ Simple Series Vol.3 The Mahjong Score MAX (1P) C202A760 00000004 3E0005F6 3A10E0FF 7E03012E 7C711B78 3A31FFF0 7E11012E 7C03002E 00000000 041078A4 88060000 041078B8 60000000
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    [WiiWare] Simple Series Vol.5 The Judo [WZJJ]

    WZJJ Simple Series Vol.5 The Judo Time Stop 0404379C 60000000 No Guidance 0400CDA4 60000000 Stamina Player MAX COM 0 C203E688 00000002 2C1D0001 40820008 D39E029C 00000000 C2033B78 00000002 2C1D0001 41820008 D003029C 00000000 C2033BD0 00000002 2C1D0001 41820008 D003029C 00000000
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    Simple CWCheat question.

    Hey guys, So I attempted to add cheats for my FFVIII that I ripped into CWcheat, this is how it came out: _S SLES_02080 _G Final Fantasy VIII _C0 Have All Magic on All Characters _L 50000702 0001 _L 80076538 6301 _L 50002402 0001 _L 80076548 6308 _L 50003202 0001 _L 80076700 6311 _L 50003202...
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    simple question

    Hello, I have a simple question. I've been reading the many tutorials and posts but I don't want to follow all the coplex tutorials as I think the reply is simple. I have a PSP 2001 (slim) with the firmware 3.71 m33-2 (I believe it was already hacked right?). Since my PSP is second hand and...
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    New simple math problem added to registration

    I have a feeling that this will stop the bots in their tracks and if this question doesn't then I'll have to add something a bit tougher :D:D:D
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