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    Sonic 10th Anniversay Dreamcast signed by Yuji Naka on ebay

    More of my Sega memorabilia is up for sale on ebay. This time it's the very rare Yuji naka signed blue Dreamcast console which was created to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog's 10th anniversary. The history: Sega Europe marketing arranged to have 50 consoles specially prepared but only 40 of...
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    Just signed up, need help.

    Hi all! Quick introduction, I'm a life long casual gamer/retro collector, i'm on a couple of other retro console forums but understand this is one of the largest. I got my Dreamcast xmas '99 and love it as much now as I did back then. I packed it away in about 2003 and always intended...
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    PSX loader and Capture Function for Signed Hen?

    I've looked around but haven't seen anything in regards to whether or not there's a PSX Loader that works with Sign HEN(6.31) as well as if there is a recording/capture type plugin compatible with it. And if there is would anyone be willing to explain how I'd get it set up (new to this all)?
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    Chickhen R2 Signed not working

    kk, so first of all i was at gen c then i went to prome 3 then accidentally hit uninstall my psp rebooted in ofw i tried using the kxploit signed but it crashed my psp i tried formating and reseting settings but nothing work plz help :blush::'(:(
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    Tilt Fx signed?

    is it possible to now sign tilt fx to work on 5.00 m33-6, psp 1000?
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