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    Strange PSP1k Shutdown playing KH BBS

    I've got a 1000 with GEN-D3. Occasionally while playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep with over 80% battery, it'd freeze or black screen on me and shut down. Is this a FW problem? I could upgrade but don't wana bother if there's an alternative.
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    PSP Auto ShutDown SOLVED

    psp auto shutdown when ever i tried to open UMD, CFU , APP LIKE pspIDENT or any thing els . psp-slim (2004) i am on system software 5.03 M33 even i tried to restore default setting it keep on 5.03 M33 any help please i am hopeless
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    Running ISOs causes system shutdown

    I am running 5.50 GEN-B on a psp 1000 and I had no problem playing games on it until today. I put Disgaea 2 onto the memory card and it ran fine for around 10 minutes until it crashed. Since that game crashing every time I choose and ISO on the memory card the psp shuts down. Any ideas on...
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    Prometheus 4 white PSP screen freeze and shutdown

    Hello first post (so NOOB fits well). I have a 1000 Fat PSP that had 5.5 Gen D3 Been happily backing up my UMDs but a few did not work with VSH menu so downloaded umdumper (stright to mem stick). sorted a further 10% of games backed up successfully. so was left with a few that did not work...
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    uogpspkai 3.4.3 on a PSP Go N1004 6.20 shutdown

    Hi, I tried to use the emulator version "3.4 test 3" on my psp, that for now uses TN-E, and it starts, but when loading a rom it gives me a black screen and shuts down ( totaly, have to restart the HEN ). Is there someway to contact Kai & ask him about this issue ? I also tried the "3.2 test...
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    my psp is harm system by updating ofwby shutdown power. How to fix?

    please help me. my psp (fat 1000) is harm system by i updating firmware then power out. i try open again but it no happen to show. it show only power light. what do i do should fix it? please help me..................
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