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    Sonic Shuffle (PAL)

    [h=3]Sonic Shuffle (PAL)[/HEADING] Have Infinite Coins For Album 474A1135 000003E7 999 Coins P1 407A1135 000003E7 999 Coins P2 39612ABC 000003E7 999 Coins P3 407A1132 000003E7 999 Coins P4 39612ABD 000003E7 P1 Has 0 Coins 407A1135 00000000 P2 Has 0 Coins...
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    Sonic Shuffle (USA)

    [h=3]Sonic Shuffle (USA)[/HEADING] 999 Rings P1 7EB5DD7B000003E7 999 Rings P2 84638379000003E7 999 Rings P3 7EB5DD7A000003E7 999 Rings P4 84638378000003E7 No Rings P1 7EB5DD7B00000000 No Rings P2 8463837900000000 No Rings P3 7EB5DD7A00000000 No Rings P4 8463837800000000 Inf...
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    Sonic Shuffle - anyone besides me like it?

    This game got trashed in the reviews when it came out. I actually bought it brand new for $49.99 back in the day because I wanted a mario party game and I didn't own any nintendo consoles. The computer was cheap, and the 1 player mode wasn't very fun... but once you unlocked the mini game mode...
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    Sonic Shuffle

    So I know this is one of the worst mario party clones known to man, but... I've never been able to actually play this game. I've had 3 legit copys of the game, two I had to return to seller due to non-working, the third worked for about half an hour into the quest mode, but now it won't...
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    Sonic Shuffle Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Bonus characters Successfully complete story mode to unlock more playable characters. Disc Artwork To discover some hidden artwork on the disc, put it into your PC CD-ROM. The images will be labeld C20.bmp and so on. Play as Big The Cat Purchase all pictures of Tails in Sonic's room to...
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