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    Shenmue (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Shenmue (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 (M) Must Be On This code must be on. Enter this code after the [M] Must Be First code.2458C4A900000002 [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9 Max Cash 5BD476D305F5E0FF All Collection 2B3F75A8E06B7041 24943CAD Tons Of Items...
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    Shenmue (PAL)

    [h=3]Shenmue (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Money FA299800 00000345 Yen (Lots Of Cash) FA299800 000186A0 Lots Of Items A 459AD14B 01010100 72651D80 01010101 CA0B297A 00000101 E867D616 00000001 465AD14B 01000101 71A51D80 01000100 C9CB297A 01000100 1EC4D813 01000100 6A2BA5C3 01000100 Lots...
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    Shenmue (USA)

    [h=3]Shenmue (USA)[/HEADING] (M) Must Be On 22C5F54A00000002 All Punches Mastered If you experience problems playing with multiple codes on please load and save this code to the game, then select another code to have running.EC17161D00000064 425B5140E0709041 4074D04D00000000 All Kicks...
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    Shenmue The Movie for Dreamcast! Download

    This is really cool, smith. Thanks for doing this. I'm downloading it right now. Doy you have to put that password in before you watch the movie?
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    Shenmue 1 and 2 Mods

    Sorry, I am unfamiliar with this. If I find any info I will let you know. Good luck with what you are trying to do. Sounds very cool.
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    Shenmue III meets Jet Set Radio

    Dusty Dog Lungs Spraypainting Ep.1 - YouTube Hope you like!
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    If SEGA was to make Shenmue III

    I think that Shenmue III should be made for Dreamcast and sold as a downloadable file (to be burned to CD-R) for a number of reasons. :1: Cheaper production cost, :2: it's such a niche title only the 50 thousand or so remaining Dreamcast owners are going to pay for this game but if you...
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    King Li Storys - Shenmue QTE

    Hey guys heres a video I done with Dreamhead Enjoy
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    Shenmue The Movie 3D

    Well I figured it was time i gave back to the comunity so heres my release. Shenmue The Movie 3D. It requires the red/blue 3d glasses or red/cyan. Its not perfect but meh better than nothing.
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    Shenmue Goes Social on Yahoo's New PC Service

    404 Not Found Shenmue City Announced for PC - IGN Nothing found for News Sega Announces Shenmue City Sega announces "Shenmue City" | TSSZ News Ok wtf! Looks like Shenmue online turned into Shenmue City... I think this is a horrible and sad joke...
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    Angry because of Shenmue I'm angry!
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    Sega: 'Never say never' on Shenmue 3

    Wow, CVG did an article on "Would you buy Shenmue 3?", and it got Sega to stand up and notice! They got hundreds of responses, and they had this to say... The rest of the story can be found here. GamesRadar+ And the "Would you buy Shenme 3?" debate here. GamesRadar+
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    Recognize Shenmue II LE?

    Everyone, I've read about it some time ago; a LE Shenmue II version (NTSC/J). It should contain VF4 Passport and History... anyway, is there a way to recognize it by case/serial/etc.? Rgds.
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    Shenmue 3!!!!

    Yu Suzuki Hopes to Make Shenmue 3 - IGN
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    Suzuki: Shenmue III concept â?oalready existsâ?

    Yu Suzuki reveals details about Shenmue 3, and where he has been hiding these last few years. Read it and let me know what you guys think, with all this renewed interest in Shenmue this year is Shenmue 3 not to far away on the horizon?
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    So is Shenmue the Only Game with Good Graphics?

    I've had a dc for a few months now and I was wondering if there are other games for it, other than shenmue, that have really good graphics?
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    Shenmue 2...

    Does Shenmue 2 come in English or have english subtitles. Because I really want this game, but I know it was only for PAL and JPN release so I'm wondering will I be able to even understand what is being said. Thanks
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    Shenmue PAL...

    Is the Pal version of Shenmue 1 all in english or is there subtitles?
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    Patients Shenmue

    Hey gays it's been quite some time since I've last posted, I'm always dropping in to keep up-to-date with the community. I have started to grow in patient about the release of a up and coming Shenmue title, so I have just made this short video with some of the gays the live in my town hope you...
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    Shenmue 3 in development for PS3?

    It is without doubt the rumor of the week or the month and even year for fans of the cult classic Shenmue . Thus, the November 2011 mag PSM3 just be a rumor about the potential entry of a new title for the series Shenmue . The magazine speculates that SEGA is currently developing the...
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