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    Boosting HPC capacity with lower emissions at Shell’s Houston data center

    Boosting HPC capacity with lower emissions at Shell’s Houston data center
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    Coloured Replacement Shell

    Hi guys, First post so let me know if this should have been in another section or whatnot. I'm looking for one of those coloured replacement shells for the DC to save my nice white one from yellowing doom. They're practically impossible to find online so wondered if anyone here has one they'd...
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    Rare Dreamcast shell?

    I came across this leopard print DC recently and wondered if anyone could give me any information?
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    how much would you shell out for a rev 0?

    I found a rev0 DC on craigslist, the sellar is asking for $65, console only, no cords, etc. Im kinda on the fence, leaning towards at least offering something, but thats steep, considering id have to drive a couple hours to get it, or work out shipping. I figure both options would be about...
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    I have a quick IR Shell question!!!

    Okay, about two or three weeks ago I was reading something in the fourms section of this site about ir shell 4.8 being able to find its own codes to control a tv. I have had no success with the last few editions of this hack and I would like to find a remote code or hack that can control "VIZIO"...
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    where can I get a white full body shell?

    Hello. I just have a simple question. Does anyone know where I can get a full white shell for my FAT? I can't really seem to find one. Does anyone know where I can buy one?
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    Orange Backplate or Full shell replacement?

    I've been able to find orange faceplates but haven't been able to find backplates. Do they just not exist? Also, good stores to buy back/face plates from?
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    PSP Outer Shell

    The front mirror on my psp has a lot of scratches cause i was carry it around in my pocket without a screenguard. Is it possible to replace just the mirror or do I need to change the entire faceplate?? Can ny one tell me where can i can buy some decent quality black frontface plates for my psp...
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    can i get ir shell on psp 3000 6.35 pro a2

    plz tell me , i read and searched on internet that latest version of ir shell is 5.2 but its not working , any body can help me , any suggestions, my ofw is 6.35 and cfw is 6.35pro a2
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    IR Shell on 6.39 ME CFW doesn't work...

    Is there anywya to make IR Shell work on my PSP 1000 which is running 6.38 ME? I( dont want to go back to Gen, Prometheus or m33.... I'd rather stay on a cfw that allows me to play my UMD/Untouched ISOs without needing to patch them... Is there another cfw based on 6.39?
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    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: Lazy Shell FAQ by Semioldguy

    Version 1.0 - (9-3-01) Super Mario RPG: Lazy Shell FAQ written by Semioldguy (Email: [email protected]) Console: Super NES Game Title: Super Mario RPG No current revision updates for this FAQ TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. ACQUIRING THE LAZY SHELLS 3. STRATEGIES TO USE WITH THE...
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