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    Shaq Fu (U) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Player 1 Infinite Health - 00CD4F:32 Infinite Timer (Ten's Digit) - 00D640:09 -Rune Infinite Timer (One's Digit) - 00D641:09 -Rune P1 Always Wins - 00D59C:02 -Rune P2 Never Wins Any Rounds - 00D59D:00 -Rune Glitchy P2 - 00D5C5:7B -Rune P1 Player Selection Screen Modifier...
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    Shaq Fu Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Blood At the Options screen quickly press A, B, C, C, B, A. If done correctly the screen will flash. You'll have to look closely, though; Shaq and crew are not heavy bleeders.
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    Shaq Fu Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Shaq intermissions At the options screen, choose the fighter you wish to be in Story mode by picking a number in the music test as follows: 1 = Shaq 3 = Beast 5 = Memphis 7 = Rajah 2 = Kaori 4 = Sett 6 = Voodoo. Then press Up , Down, B, Left, Right, B, Start. In the story mode, there will...
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    Shaq Fu game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Super NES Game Genie codes - Shaq Fu DDB6-57AF + DDB3-746F Blood Contunue codes may cause slight graphic errors in character selection screen DDA6-5D07 Start with no continues DFA6-5D07 Start with 1 continues D9A6-5D07 Start with 5...
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