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    Post your Dreamcast setups!

    I was thinking we should show people were we play. So ill go first, I have to use this setup if I want to play online, also have to sit on the floor. BTW yes the top is painted and it didnt turn out as planed so I didnt do bottom, looks kinda cool the way it is anyway
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    DC Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel & racing setups

    404 Not Found Recently came across this old site that showcases some elaborate DC racing setups (courtesy of F355 Challenge euthusiasts). It also contains quite a few pictures of the DC Thrustmaster Wheel from Ferrari; pretty cool as there are not that many pictures online.
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    Post your setups

    I'm not sure if it belongs in this section, since the pics will prolly hold more than just a DC. feel free to move it mods (and perhaps stickie it?). I finally got my last cable today to set it up like this in the bedroom:
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