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    Light up your holiday

    Light up your holiday
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    My New Setup

    Scan-lines :D In postage the unit get knocked about and there are some cracks but the image is so nice it is creepy how old games look so freckly sweet.
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    Racing wheel recmmendations for difficult setup

    This is probably not possible, but I thought I would at least get others opinions. My setup: Arcade cabinet from an old game that has an InterAct 4 dreamcast wheel mounted to it. My desired setup: Add my PS3 to the equation and do either one of these things * Replace the DC wheel with a...
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    Vga setup help

    Hi I am new to this website but AM LOVING the amount of DC love here as i am a huge sega and dreamcast fan and i am having a little problem. I purchased a VGA cable off ebay a while ago ( I do not have the brand name) and it appears to not work on my Funai 32 inch HDTV. I heard that it is...
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    DreamPi Setup Disk for Dreamcast

    Has anyone with the experience thought about making a DreamPi setup disk for the Dreamcast? When you insert the CD and press execute it changes all the Dreamcast network settings to be compatible with the DreamPi and all games? This would then standardise everyones settings. This would make the...
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    Need opinion for psp setup

    Ok after this incident with sony and me unable to switch to my jp account to play my downloaded games while service is down i'v decided i want to buy an older psp. What i would like to do is have a ofw and cfw swapping ability so i can play my jp account stuff but also play translated iso's and...
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    Stuck on initial setup

    Hi, my psp is stuck on initial setup, I can't do anything besides changing the volume, and from what I've read my flash 1 is currupt. I've tried flash 1 formatter v2 and all I get is this game cannot be started error. I've tried reseting flash 1 in the recovery menu but It doesn't work either...
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    PSP 1001 - Problem at Initial Setup

    Hi, Im new to here. I have a PSP Phat 1001 and I have problem with my PSP everytime i switch it on. Once is switch on, it will go to a initial setup screen, and I can't press any button at all. All are NOT working except for the volume button(+ -) and screen brightness button. Weird thing is...
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    best setup for pspGO on 6.20

    i have been lent a pspGO to take on holiday with me and was wondering what was thebest current setup to have on the device. at the moment it's on OFW 6.20 and is using the HEN with the Prometheus iso loader. a while ago i did a set up for someone on a psp 3000 with the CFW which had to be...
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