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    The Game Station Talks about Sega's Naomi Hardware

    Retro Hardware - Naomi - TGS - YouTube I found this on IPW. and i thought i'll share it with you guys i know you all will be interested.
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    Sega's decision to use normal CD cases for games?

    What do you guys think of the fact that sega used normal CD jewel cases for Japan and the US for the game releases? I always kind of thought that the dreamcast games hurt a little bit from this in the US, as the DVD cases for the PS2 just looked more sophisticated and important because of...
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    Is Sega's future social gaming?

    Does Sega's future lie in social gaming? - Polygon
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    Dreamcast development articles from Sega's website

    I was browsing Sega's old website using the Wayback Machine, and found some interesting articles describing the Sega Dreamcast in its development stages. The first one is from Jan. 09, 1998 and titled, "SEGA CONFIRMS NEW CONSOLE IN THE WORKS": The next article is from May 21, where Sega...
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