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    looking for a specific segagaga screen

    hey guys I am trying to find that segagaga screenshot where the sega ceo is seen behind his desk with his head slumped and piles of dreamcasts behind him was trying to explain the game to a friend but i cannot find this screen iv seen it on so many sites but cant seem to find it could someone...
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    Segagaga blog updates

    So, I thought we should post in this thread when their site updates so we can all let everybody know when some news happens with the game. Segagaga Translation Blog | On the public domain localization of Segagaga. They just had an update today, talking about various things how they have given...
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    I'm sorry, I know I'm a sega noob for asking this question but what exactly is segagaga. I saw it on sale on a website for like $800+ brand new and wanted to know exactly it was. Can someone please explain to me. Thanks
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    Ask the translator doing Segagaga questions!

    Ok, as many of you know, an English translation of the quirky cult classic Sega game Segagaga has been in the works for quite some time now, and many have given up hope the game will ever get translated in our lifetime. Well, a member of the Racketboy forums by the handle Original_Name has...
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    Racketboy Segagaga interview

    As some of you may remember, Anthony made a thread not too long ago where he told us about the upcoming SGGG interview at Racketboy. Finally, it's here: Read the interview. Interesting, interesting. This interview has a lot more hands-on information than the last one. On the upside, it's clear...
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    Segagaga owners, Import Friendly?

    I've read quite a few places that Segagaga is very text heavy and shouldn't be undertaken by anyone other than Japanese speakers. Does anyone on the boards own it? If so do you think I could still have fun with the humor in terms of the imagery and gameplay? or it's probably not worth importing...
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