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    Dark Sector

    I converted these codes to BLES00222 from BLUS30116 Credits to @Hiei-YYH for codes & notes BLES00222 v1.01 Max Infinite Health 007750CC 380003E8 007750D4 90090474 007750D8 90090478 OGP = 800904782F800000409D03CC813C0004 COP = 380003E82F8000009009047490090478 Infinite Ammo 001AB768 39490000...
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    The IPL failed to inject Not enough sector space... help?

    Hey guys, I just received my PSP today. Attempting to make an MMS using Rain's UltraLite MMS maker for 5.00 M33-4 I keep getting this error message. I was told that 64mb was ideal for making an MMS, but I got this, and I'm getting it on my 4gb stick. I've used RainsIPLMStool and this hasn't...
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