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    suggestion for a new section

    I was wandering how you guys would feel about a "Members Collections" or even "Collectors Corner" section. Not just the one thread where everyone drops the stuff they have, but a proper section where every member can have their own thread (eg: pcwrzrd13's collection", where we can put up pics &...
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    Reviews section overhaul finished

    As some of you might have noticed, the Reviews section has been undergoing a slight overhaul over the last few days. I added an A-Z index topic with separate links to every review for every game, and I will be updating it as you guys write more reviews in the future. enjoy :mrgreen: Index...
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    Section 8: Prejudice

    Games for Windows Live Overdrive Map Pack DLC Achievements Achievement How to unlock 1337 sysadmin (35 points) Defuse 20 hacked Control Points in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack. A Pinch of Assault (25 points) Win a complete game in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack. Ball Hog...
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    Section 8

    AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock 3,720 to 1 ( 50 points ) Win a game with Super Swarm mode. Adaptable ( 15 points ) Participate in a successful DCM. Ain't Got Time to Bleed ( 20 points ) Kill 30 players...
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    Almost done with the sega section (I hope)

    Well I just got finished adding cheats for the sega dreamcast, sega genesis & master system. I'll add the other sega sections probably tomorrow and if not, I'll add them when I finish with the other sections. For now the game gear & saturn sections are left to add cheats to and after that...
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