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    Does this Micro SDHC card look good? does it look pretty good? i was planning on getting 2 for my cr-5400
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    Advice Req!: Buying a Photofast CR-5400 + 2x8GB SDHC

    Hey fellow pspers! A long long time ago I had a 1002 phat that was well and truly hacked and homebrewed, but I hit a tough spot and had to ebay it for cash :( Time passed and my GF bought me a shiny new brite, yes yes I know about all the things that it isn't, etc ;P Anyhow, seeing as how...
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    PhotoFast CR-5400 SDHC -> ProDuo - Whats the max size of SDHC cardit can use?

    I have seen this ~ It lets you use SDHC cards with a PSP, which is a must for me :) It supports 2 SD cards at one but whats the max size it can support? Thanks, Cam.
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    Micro SDHC or MS Pro duo

    I have an adapter to use microSD in PSP(microSD to memory-stick pro duo). I need to buy 16GB memory card. Now should I buy a microSDHC card or memory-stick pro duo. memory-stick pro duo is costly but the speeds are high compared to microSDHC cards from what I heard. What are problems that I may...
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