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    Screws on a Japanese PSP 2000?

    I got a Japanese Star Ocean special edition PSP 2000. My LCD broke so I need to open my PSP. My friend, who fixes game consoles for a living, couldn't seem to open it with every single tool he had. The screw was too small, a T5 screwdriver wouldn't fit into it. I figured I'd need something lower...
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    UMD Reader Screws Lost

    Well, I attempted my first full case replacement on my psp 1000; needless to say I have the screws stuck/unusable inside the bracer for the umd drive. . Those are the screws that are useless now, does anyone know where to get replacement screws? Most of the screw kits that I've seen online do...
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    PSP 1001 screws lost

    Hi guys, a friend of mine has lost 2 of the screws of his psp 1001. Can you tell me the screw sizes of all the screws in psp 1001 so that I can look for them in the local hardware shop. These are the screws that r required to remove when removing the front plate. I searched for it on google but...
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    1000 screws fitting a 2001 housing?

    Will PSP1000 screw set fit in a 2001 housing?? I found a really cheap set on Amazon that has free two day shipping so can't complain.
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    HELP! Oh no! One of my PSP mini screw's + hole is messed up!

    One day I was screwing back on a PSP screw to reconstruct and tighten things together after cleaning the screen getting really dusty, but unfortunately, while I was screwing, I think I did it too hard and the screw's + shape turned into a o hole! I screwed it in good, now I cannot unscrew it...
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