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    Back on the scene...and getting back to work.

    Been kinda away from the dreamcast scene for a while, but since I've finally gotten the color printer I've longed for, I did what I've wanted to do for 2 years now, make legit cases for my backups and burned copies. This is what I was working with. You got some legit cases with a lot of...
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    The Dreamcast Scene Is On The Verge Of Death And No One Seems To Notice

    I'm just going to skip the intro junk, the title says it all. I got into a LONG talk with TacT and i think Bob Dobs about this last Friday. It is undeniable that more and more money is going into Dreamcast development. But with more money going into development, comes a need for more money being...
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    New to scene, ISO issues with 6.38 ME

    I downgraded my 6.35 to 6.20 on a PSP 2001 (hackable). Then I installed, due to ignorance I suppose (I haven't hacked my PSP since I imported a 1.0 from Japan in 2005) 6.38 ME. I can put UMD ISOs in the root://ISO folder and they show up and want to launch, but they all fail to keep running with...
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    PSN access and getting back into the scene

    I haven't played around with my PSP3000 in a while, but I have it still at 5.03 with either CFW3.7 or Gen-C, I forget. There are so many new tutorials now about versions past 5.03, and it's not clear if I need to go to one of those newer versions to do things like get PSN access (How? I want to...
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    Been outta the scene

    Hello everyone. I've been almost outta the scene completely for like 6 months because my PSP was broken and it's now fixed. My PSP is Phat on 5.00 M33-6 and I wanna play the new games but IDK how. Like do I need some sort of patches for games like lord of Arcana, Dissidia 012? I wouldn't like to...
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    Back on the scene

    Hi guys, I've been out a very long years, since my psp 1000 was stolen :(. Anyways got a new job, and got my hands on a PSP Go and updated to the latest version( I think it was a mistake). Someone could update me on hacking, and some other cool stuffs that i can do to the Go :)...
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