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    Dreamcast SCART

    First off, hi. This is my first time at this Forum so I hope I'm posting in the correct Forum asking for you guys words of wisdom. Basically I'm looking to start playing on Shenmue again (which has to be my favourite game of all time. But enough about that ) I'm looking to buy a Dreamcast over...
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    RGB Scart

    So... I'm in North America. I am wondering how to hook up my Dreamcast to my CRT TV using RGB Scart. Is there some kind of adapter available for this? Or what? I want to do the same for my other consoles but I have no idea how to go about doing it.
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    Issue with RGB scart

    So Im use rgb scart for dreamcast the issue I'm having is that when I play skies of arcadia via RGB it shows me four split-screens I'll attach the pictures. It only happen with that game my other games work fine, but when I used composite the game works fine. Im using an euro rgb scart and a...
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    Scart to HDMI - has anyone tried this?

    XCSOURCE HDMI to SCART Converter Convert AV CVBS Signal: Electronics Has anyone tried anything like this with Dreamcast? If you have, how well does it work please? Seems like a potentially good solution for getting good picture quality on a modern TV, as standard scart...
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    SCART to VGA + Audio adapter

    Does anyone know where I could find a good SCART to VGA adapter that also carries audio? I'm looking so I can get the best picture out of the DC games that won't take VGA and for other retro systems on my CRT.
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