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    Where to backup dreamcast saves?

    To my knowledge, Blueswirl's uploader is down and I can't find another website.
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    How do I transfer saves from my PC to my VMU?

    I'm trying to use VMU Tool aka Dream Explorer. I have the DC connected to my PC via the broadband adapter, but when I select "Open PC" on VMU Tool I get this message: "You must connect your PC to your Dreamcast with a coder's cable or a BBA, and launch Dream Explorer's binary with DC Load + DC...
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    Hi all, I don't know about you, but I like to try and play all the games I own, not just squirrell them away in their original cellophane. The problem that leads to however is all the game saves you accumulate over many memory cards! I personally have numbered my VMUs with stickers, and keep...
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    transfer saves from emulator to dreamcast hardware

    So the story is I don't own a dreamcast YET anyway and I've been playing dreamcast games on the reicast emulator on my samsung galaxy s3 (which isn't the ideal way to play dreamcast games ) but I have a few save games in sonic adventure (completed windy valley with sonic ) , soul calibur...
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    Which saves are not corrupted?

    I'm on gen-b3(full) and ever since MHP3 have been using the pegasus.prx plugin as well. I'm using patched isos that contain prometheus.prx in the image itself. If I turn pegasus off the game saves are reported as corrupt. When I play tactics ogre the in-game screenshots don't display with...
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    updating CFW corrupts game saves?

    I just went from 5.50 gen-d3 to the 6.20pro CFW and all of my game saves are corrupt. I backed them up on my PC but when I load them back on to my PSP the games still all say that the data is corrupt and I have to start a new game. Is there no way to keep my game saves? Hundreds of hours of...
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