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    Bravely Second: End Layer

    Demo Bonus When you complete the demo and save your data, you can then use this data in the actual game to unlock the Three Musketeers Set.
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    Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

    Einherjar cards Complete the storyline for the indicated path to be prompted to choose five characters to save as Einherjar cards. They can then be used to purchase Skills or Characters on another path. They characters are selected from those who are available at the end of the game. Card How...
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    Increased base amount and worker pals Description This mod increases the amount of bases you can have, as well as the amount of worker pals you can have. There are a few different variants to pick from: 100 bases and 40 worker pals from base level 1 100 bases and 100 worker pals from...
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    Faster Hatch Press - Instantly derMod : 1 Modify and Save. (Mods.txt) Chunk ID : 102 If there are mods using the same Chunk ID, please let me know. UE4SS 2.5.2 Version User Install (For users who are using the past version) : 1. Download. 2. Xinput zip...
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    Resident Evil Gaiden

    99 Handgun Bullets You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. on the 12th save point. Die on purpose when fighting the B.O.W. Use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and keep doing this until you have 99 handgun bullets.
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    PSO v2 save....

    Hey I found an OLD VMU with a PSO character on it of mine, and id like to use it on my current Dreamcast!! is there anyway to do this at all? When i try and load it all it says is that junk about your character must be on one system!! HELP! id like to see which character it is!
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    Where do Quake 3 video's save to?

    So I was recording some beast dreamcast action and wanted to upload them to youtube but I dont know where they save to.
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    Transfering a Save to VMU?

    Hi I wanna download a save file from gamefaqs, I just don't know how I'm supposed to get it into the VMU help please
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    Pokemon On Dreamcast (With Save Function!)

    I found a .cdi image of a really cool game. It's got just about all of the Pokemon games, and some really cool hacks too. AND: YOU CAN SAVE!!!!! Smith probably already knows about this, because I've seen him over at Snesorama quite a few times... ;)...
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    MSR, Can't save???

    Hi everyone. I recently picked up MSR and started it up; great fun, beautiful graphics, not too realistic to the point of non-enjoyment (I drive everyday, fuck realism). I played through a few levels and the autosave was going great but then it told me after another race that I had no saved...
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    Dreamcast games with Copy Protection save files!

    You guys know what i'm talking about right! Those pesky game save files that are colored in RED instead of the standard BLUE when viewing them on the DC's File Management System. I hate them! They are such a pain because they cannot me copied on to another memory card through the consoles UI and...
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    Game Save files that display additional graphic art...

    On the consoles memory card bios screen. When you highlight your save file you get all the info of said file, things like amount of blocks, date the file was saved etc. on bottom part of the screen. Some games will display an addtional graphic animation on the bottom right of the screen. I've...
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    Is there any PAL software save data that is region free?

    What I mean is... Save data for games like MvC1, Powestone 1 and 2, Spawn ITDH, Daytona USA 2001 and so on are cross compatible with both US and JPN software of the same game. In other words, US Power Stone software will recognize a JPN save file of the same game and vice versa. Can PAL software...
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    Sonic Adventure Chao's won't save?

    On Sonic Adventure all of my data saves, but my chao's don't. Anyone know why?
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    Save game files online

    I noticed on, that with some games they have some game save files for download, which got me thinking. How do you actually get those files onto the VMU?
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    Pso save file help

    I deleted my pso guild card file but now im thinking about going online with my Dreamcast. Any way to get the game to make another one for my character?
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    Using 1 vmu save on 2 different versions of the same game ?

    I was wondering if it was possible to use 1 VMU save from one version of a game for a version of the same game for a different region . example if I have a save game in the PAL version of shemue could I put in the NTSC U version of shenmue and continue using my save game from the Pal version ...
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    Buying a replacement dreamcast, will my pso save work?

    Getting a new dreamcast cause the current ones laser starting to die even with calibrating, and I was wondering since the serial for pso v2 is tied to that one, will my save not work with the new system?
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    Looking for a Shenmue VGA save file

    I'm looking for a shenmue 1 save file near the end with everything unlocked... Problem is that I want a VGA compatible save. All the saves I tried were made playing on a normal tv. As you may know Shenmue has this weird lock where a 480i save can not be used in VGA and vice versa. Uploaders do...
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    PSP Tactics Ogre (EU) game save

    To any CWcheater users and/or with this file I know this is a long shot but I figured it is worth a shot. I tried looking for this particular game save where you start at chapter 1 with all the items. I see that the US has the game saves that I am looking for, but I cannot find any game saves...
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