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    Sega Saturn to Dreamcast controller converter questions

    I was wondering about the total control 3.. What saturn peripherals are compatible with it and what aren't? I'd like to use a saturn 3D pad with it.
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    Shenmue Saturn + Sega Systems Talk I wonder how much effort and millions Sega pissed away on that ? Less than sonic extreme perhaps but their Dc versions were great, so the Saturn c d r were demos in a way.
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    Use PS2 Dual Shock + Saturn controller + PC Keyboard on DC

    Never saw this before, seems cool to use Saturn controller on DC fighters, or ps2 shock controller for Half Life or cheap pc keyboard for Typing of dead : Use PS2 Dual Shock Saturn controller PC Keyboard VMU on Dreamcast w this | eBay
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    Saturn Nights makes a new friend

    My Neighbour has never owned a Saturn and he decided he wanted to have a look, so i loaded up Nights and let him play, another Saturn lover :) he is now looking for one for himself lol. I also dug out my dreamcast and he was impressed by that too, hes a long time Sony fanboy but i think ive...
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    Do they make new Saturn and DC guns for flatscreen TVs ?

    Like a retro store or new company modding guns for old systems ? I want to play virtua cop 2 on my Saturn and House of Dead 2 on my dc but I don't have the old style bulb tvs.
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    The unreleased SEGA 'Saturn 2' and The Dreamcast Story

    CREDIT: HerzogZwei I wanted to discuss the never-released 'Saturn 2' that was supposed to have been developed with Lockheed Martin Real3D technology. From Next Generation November 1995 (sister magazine of EDGE):
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    Interesting DC item on ebay, converted Saturn 3d pad

    A sega saturn 3D pad converted for direct use on a dreamcast. I wonder if the analogue joystick works as well, I don't believe that part tends to work through the various controller converters. I'd pick this up myself if it were for a more reasonable price. Extremely Rare Custom Sega Saturn...
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    Ultra Game Players + EDGE on 'Saturn 2'

    Last year, I posted a thread containing Next Generation's articles that chronicled the long road of hardware development for Dreamcast, from Black Belt to Dural and Katana. However there were many other articles in other magazines. So I'm posting two more sets of articles, the first series from...
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    Official Sega Saturn NetLink VOIP Guide - SaturnPi

    Sega Saturn NetLink VOIP Guide 1.8 Guide by Xiden and SEGARPGFAN Special Thanks to hawkzer0, itsthinkingstill, davelee1982 Video Tutorial by itsthinkingstill How To Get The Sega Saturn Netlink Online With Voip 2017 - YouTube 1. Hardware Required The hardware needed should be easy to...
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