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    Rumor: Microsoft's internal studios behind, courted Respawn for exclusive Here's a few bits about the Respawn deal: "The long-awaited first game from Respawn Entertainment—the studio helmed by the creators of Call of Duty—will be exclusive to the next-gen Xbox, according to two unrelated sources familiar with the...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox Will Require That Games Be Installed On Hard Drive

    Source: According to a report based on leaked Xbox development documents published at the website The Verge, users will be required to install disc-based games on the...
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    Rumor: EA's Origin To Be Part Of Wii U's Online Service

    We all know that Nintendo's online services have been a bit lacking. Features that are taken for granted on other consoles are completely nonexistent on Nintendo systems. EA has been aiding Nintendo with building Wii U's online components, but they may be working on more than we think...
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