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    Roadsters (USA)

    [h=3]Roadsters (USA)[/HEADING] Start On Second Lap 43790310C0705041 437A031000000002 Infinite Cash 9D2010C3000000F0
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    I've just complete Roadsters

    Basically I bought a copy of Re-Volt and I also found this Roadsters game disc inside. So a free game..... Game is pitiful though....some of the worst car handling physics I've ever experienced! And I even got disqualified for getting my car stuck in the background due to clipping errors...
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    Roadsters Trophy (E) (M6) [!]

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Big Shadow Under Car StevieB 80012DB7 0090 Top Car Can't Stop Accelerating/Super Speed StevieB 8001BA03 0090 Top Category A Car (Mind Star 600) Kai666 810BAE8E 3D70 810BAE90 0F0F 810BAE92 0F0F Top Category B Car (Vertige Stallion) Kai666 810BAE16...
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    EE000000 0000 Enable Code 800BABF5 0010 Infinite Cash D00C2001 0001 Start On Last Lap/Always Place 1st 800C2001 0005 D00C2003 0001 800C2003 0005 801E5D55 0000 All Cars Cost $0 811E5D56 0000 810BABF4 7FFF Max Money 810BABF6 FFFF D00C2001 0001 Quick Win 800C2001...
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    Roadsters Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Full Pause Screen Pause gameplay and press X + Y to remove the text. Press X + Y again to remove everything else.
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