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    ReviveDC Newsletter

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure how many people are aware of the work we've been doing at the ReviveDC Project here, but I wanted to share this opportunity with you guys as well. You can find some of our releases in the Downloads section of this board. We've got something very exciting in the...
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    ReviveDC Project's Month of Street Fighter

    It's time to formally announce ReviveDC's month of Street Fighter event. Over the next month, we'll be releasing 8 Street Fighter games, a few of which haven't been done before. They're all at the level of quality you'd expect from us by now, meaning no downsampling, dummied files, sorttxt...
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    The ReviveDC Project Wiki

    I think it's finally time to blow the dust off of this thing. It's here. I had it locked because I wanted to get more content on it before I made it public, but considering that it's been idling for several months now, that probably won't happen. It should be unlocked and ready to edit now...
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    ReviveDc Downloads

    For those looking for a complete list of ReviveDc games and then some, look no further than here Dreamcast Releases - Google Sheets Edit: lol had the wrong link, that's what i get for not prof reading lol
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