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    RS3 MAINTENANCE UPDATE: 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 PSA: We're taking game worlds offline urgently as we're investigating an issue with player display names. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, a 15-min timer will appear shortly. We've also turned off the...
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    Revert back

    I use this fix below to fix my savegame data but the game fix didnt work for my psp 2000, all save game data become corrupted not fixed it... error "load Failed: save data corrupted"...Please help, anybody knows how to revert back to previous eboot.pbp? your assistance is much appreciated...
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    How do I revert my Pandora back to regular?

    I want to know how to change my Pandora that i made, into a regular battery. please help. My PSP is able to go in USB mode
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