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    Increased base amount and worker pals Description This mod increases the amount of bases you can have, as well as the amount of worker pals you can have. There are a few different variants to pick from: 100 bases and 40 worker pals from base level 1 100 bases and 100 worker pals from...
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    Stepdown transformer requirements for NTSC-J Dreamcast in UK

    I bought a JP Dreamcast in Akihabara recently and need to be able to use it in the UK. Would a 35w 220-240V transformer be suitable for it? I used to have a Japanese Dreamcast back in the late 90's but I've forgotten most of what's required for it these days. Ideally I intend to buy one of...
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    Requirements for playing online ?

    what do I need to do to play online with my phat 1006 CFW 6.60 pro b-9 Do i need to do anything at all but log on ? I'm not sure if i've read that you have to hide the iso folder somehow via a plug-in. Is this true. Are there any consiquences in going online ? will sony come round my gaf and...
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