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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul - DCRES tester request

    Copýing/Pasting the message I've just posted in snesorama:
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    New Xbox boss:Biggest request is to bring Shenmue 3...

    It's games first for Xbox One under new management - Polygon
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    request cheat code Tengai Makyou

    Tengai Makyou - Daishi no Mokushiroku (J)(Caravan) and PC Engine Best Collection - Tengai Makyou Collection (J)(Caravan) - Far East of Eden does anybody have cheat or create cheat for me such as 2 or 4 time exp , max money Thanks in advance
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    advice request

    im looking to make a 32gb mem card with the cr-5400 and x2 16gb cards. I would like advice on where to buy the cards i just want 32gb dont care about speed that much i just want the memory space. any help will be much appreciated. thanks in advanced :mrgreen:
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    Action replay code request

    I already know infinite ammo and grenades cheat but i either want Infinite health cheat or Walk through wall And seriously quite being so greedy with the codes and just give me at least one of Them codes!... This is For Call of duty World at War.
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